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Industrial Hearing Loss or Tinnitus?

Lots of people in the UK experience hearing problems as a result of excessive exposure to loud noises in the workplace. There are a number of conditions such as noise-induced hearing loss and industrial deafness which could have been averted had employers taken simple health and safety precautions. If you have suffered from short term or long lasting hearing loss, ringing in the ears or acoustic trauma because of your workplace, you are entitled to make a claim for compensation with Mercury Legal Online.

Use our compensation calculator to see how much you can claim for industrial hearing loss.

Causes of industrial hearing loss

Don’t be mis-led into thinking that you can only make a claim if your work involves heavy equipment. Loud factories, bottling plants, call centres, night clubs, harvesting, and a whole host of other working environments can damage your hearing and you are entitled to make a claim. If you’ve ever needed to shout in order to be heard at work and later found that your hearing has been affected, Mercury Legal Online could help you to make a claim against your employer for industrial deafness.

We specialise in industrial disease and take great pride in our level of customer support and ethics. Regardless of how insignificant you imagine your case is, pick up the phone as we are here to help you. Mercury Legal Online will represent your case professionally, managing all the paperwork along the way. Our experts will ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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